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A pledge of truth that’s not to be broken, Oath’s traditional style of heavy drums and gritty 12 bit sound rings true to the golden times of hip hop.

As well as creating beats oath started out as a fan of hip hop music, first being inspired by such artists as A.T.C.Q, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Gangstarr, INI and many more..

You can usually find oath getting dusty diggin for break beats all city in his hometown of perth Western Australia or locked away in his lab knocking out drum patterns on his E-mu sp1200 sampler.

Production Name: Oath, Oath One
Age: 28
Location: Perth, Western Australia


- Bang Exclusive 12” by Kid Tsunami ft: Sean Price
-(downtown blend)Remix by OathOne
- Sunsets In The West instrumental lp.
Release date TBA

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